meet bec

Bec is the person you’ll speak to when you get in touch about a copywriting project.

She has been writing for years now. Since opening the digital doors of her freelance copywriting business in 1999, she’s worked on a huge range of projects.

Before Squidink, Bec was chief copywriter at one of Australia’s founding digital agencies. From there, she went south, launching into the wonderful world of freelance copywriting from her new home in Victoria. Now settled in WA, Bec still writes for some of Australia’s biggest brands – distance proving to be absolutely no barrier to the creation of high-quality content.

Bec’s content is found in websites, brochures, blogs, emails, on-hold messages, videos, banner ads … you name it. She has crafted copy for some of Australia’s leading brands, plus countless smaller businesses who are keen to stand out from the crowd. She works with digital agencies, marketing agencies, ad agencies, SEO companies and end clients, slotting in at whichever point in the project that copywriting expertise is needed.

With Bec, you get that perfect mix of astute business acumen, excellent writing skills and creativity.