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Squidink delivers brilliant copywriting and digital content. From the microcopy that cleverly guides your customers to where they need to go on your site, to the big banners that make your brand stand out from the digital crowd, Squidink makes every word count.


content strategy & ux

Behind every great piece of copywriting is a brilliant strategy. Squidink will help you hone your content strategy, examining audience intent, business goals, communications channels and more.

Squidink seeks answers to questions that you might not have thought to ask. By doing some digging at the start, we ensure that your content does the job it needs to.

Squidink can help with:

  • User experience (UX)

  • Information architecture (IA)

  • SEO and keywords

  • Communications strategy

  • Digital content strategy


Telling a good story is at the heart of great copywriting. It’s that magical intersection between creativity and clarity – getting your message across in a memorable yet coherent way.

With 20 years of copywriting behind us, Squidink will help you find the words your business needs most. Most commonly, Squidink provides copywriting services like:

  • Web copywriting

  • Brochure copywriting

  • Email copywriting

  • Article / blog copywriting

  • Video scripts

digital content

Squidink has been writing digital content since the earliest days of the internet. In fact, Bec of Squidink is arguably one of Australia’s first freelance digital content writers.

We do major website re-writes for some of Australia’s biggest brands, where we take hundreds of pages of web content and make them 150% better. We do bespoke microsites that speak to niche audiences. Snappy video voiceovers. Popular blogs.

Squidink offers the full gamut of digital content services, including:

  • Web content

  • Blog articles

  • Social media

  • Video content